Hallo! My name is Klaus, and I am a big fan of antique shopping. I have travelled around Europe to the most famous antique stores, and in this blog I want to share my findings, and explain why sourcing European Antiques is a great investment idea. The allure of Europe has been a factor in attracting travelers from across the world for generations. This is a continent that has been providing young people who have set out to explore the world with experiences that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

The tradition of the ‘Grand Tour’ where young British graduates of prestigious universities would travel Europe to enjoy the beauty and history of the continent was long established for a way for a young person to round out their education.

However, at the same time many of these explorers of the European continent also returned to their native homes with treasures that would today have been impossible to obtain.

Thankfully those times have changes – today European Antiques are relatively easy to obtain and for many the experience of gaining access to these antiques does not even require a trip to Europe.

There are antiques and treasures that can be sourced simply through a visit to the Internet savvy persons favorite website. There can be no easier way to have one’s home enhanced with fantastic classic pieces than to do a search for classic European pieces than to use the ease of the Internet to make interior decorating in the classic style of Europe a reality.

Of course the reality is that there are few reputable dealers in authentic antiques that can be found on the Internet. It can be quite difficult to find authentic European antiques online.

There are exceptions however. The number of European aristocracy members who were in control of vast estates with the most wonderful pieces of art and furniture – as well as other ornaments that would do any house proud are sadly in decline. However, there are still dealers who can sweep in and obtain some of the most breathtaking pieces of art or household goods that have ever been produced.

It is these household goods that will allow those in the Western hemisphere to furnish or decorate their homes in a style that is an echo of the way the nobility used to live in Europe over 100 years ago.

It is not only the beauty of these pieces that makes them a great lifestyle investment – but also the sheer value of the pieces. Although they could be in use on an everyday basis they are above all an incredible investment.

Not matter the age – a piece from one of the more recognized designers will retain its value – and if the auction prices are any indication, will grow in value as the years progress.

European antiques continue to attract investors who are not only interested in the sheer beauty and craftsmanship that the pieces represent – but also in the return on investment that the pieces can represent. These antiques are not only extraordinarily beautiful – they also make a fantastic investment. This is an investment in the past that will certainly pay dividends in the future.